What is the Best Cat Litter for Odor?

What is the Best Cat Litter for Odor?

Cats are cute, but what they leave behind often isn’t. So what’s the best cat litter for odor control?

Is there a cat litter so powerful it answer the question, “What is the best cat litter for odor?” The answer is yes!  In fact, I have two favorites that both work well to control kitty litter odor:

Everclean Extra Strength, Unscented

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping, Unscented

I’ve kept a multi-cat home for as long as I can remember. For years I’ve tested top-rated cat litter on my kitties. I’ve also spent countless hours scouring the internet for brand comparisons and considerations. What I’ve found is that one brand, in particular, stands out, not just for me but for the majority of kitty lovers out there. Everclean Extra Strength, Unscented wins every time.

Top Pick: Best Cat Litter for Odor

Everclean Extra Strength, Unscented

Everclean Extra Strength Unscented isn’t just the best cat litter for odor control. It’s the best cat litter, period! And with only natural ingredients, this is also the best kitty litter for kittens.

Everclean uses three lines of defense against odor. 

The first is activated carbon, to bind and neutralize odors. Activated charcoal is made from natural organic ingredients like wood or nut shells. The charcoal is heated to a very high temperature, making it more absorbent. This extra absorbency is what helps collect and neutralize odors.

Second is an antimicrobial agent that inhibits bacterial growth. The bacterial decomposition of urea is responsible for the strong ammonia smells coming from your cat’s lavatory. Remove the bacteria, and you remove the smell.

The third line of defense is a plant extract activated by your pet when they bury their dark secrets. This layer of protection helps neutralize airborne scents that would otherwise be offensive to noses throughout the house.

But, as I mentioned earlier, Everclean is my favorite not only for odor control but also for multiple other reasons!

This litter clumps better than any litter I’ve bought. It doesn’t stick to the box, which makes cleaning incredibly easy. I keep multiple litter boxes in both the bathroom and sunroom and, from time to time, use a different litter in each box. My cats always use the box with Everclean in it first. They clearly liked Everclean best.

Everclean litter tends to be on the heavy side, but that isn’t always bad. I have noticed less tracking throughout the house when I use this litter. If you have weight-lifting limitations, Everclean has a lightweight version available.

Second Pick: Best Natural Cat Litter For Odor Control

Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping, Unscented

Dr. Elsey's Ultra Premium Unscented

When it comes to odor control, this brand is also incredibly effective. It’s a no-brainer as my second pick to keep your home fresh and odor free. 

Dr. Elsey’s is the best all-natural cat litter for odor. This litter combines heavy non-tracking granules with medium-grain clay for optimal clumping. Better clumping seals in the smell and means less moisture and waste make it to the bottom of your litter box.

This formula is a bit heavy, but, like Everclean, the weight helps the litter stay in the litter box. Despite the weight, it’s still effortless to scoop! And it doesn’t get tracked through the house as much as a lighter-weight litter.

Even though Dr. Elsey’s litter is clay-based, this litter produces no dust. Cat litter dust can be a health hazard for cats, particularly if they have asthma. Dust-free cat litter is cleaner on your floors, easier on your allergies, and doesn’t agitate your cat’s lungs. This product claims to be 99.9% dust-free, and in my experience, this is a valid claim. I poured this litter from hip height with almost zero dust.

Dr. Elsey’s Unscented also uses only natural ingredients and no perfumes. So even a picky kitty will love to use it. This brand also has some of the most affordable litter on the market, making it one thrifty kitty purchase.

Final Thoughts

There are several kitty litter options on the market for your feline friend. Rest assured, the litter on this list is the best available. Not only is it the best cat litter for odor, but it’s also some of the easiest to clean and keep fresh.

Try them today and say, “See ya later!” to offensive feline odors.

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