About Down Cat Alley

Down Cat AlleyDown Cat Alley was created by cat enthusiasts who  have spent an inordinate amount of time researching the best foods, toys, safety gear and supplements for our own pets because we love them beyond measure.

We discovered it’s not always easy to tell the difference between good advice and dangerously bad advice!

And, since bad advice can lead to unfortunate outcomes, we’ve decided to take a different approach. We’ve pulled together our best research, tested hundreds of foods, accessories, safety equipment and other products, interviewed dozens of fellow cat lovers, and collaborated with respected veterinarians to bring you the best products, projects, and humor to make life with your furry friend (or friends) happy and rewarding.

Justine KellerI’m Justine Keller, founder and chief editor at Down Cat Alley. As a life-long cat lover and owner, my goal is simple; to help guide you to the best quality of care and ‘catisfaction for your fur baby.

All of us at Down Cat Alley have strong human health backgrounds.  However, none of us are veterinarians and that’s an important distinction.  No doubt you want to treat your little pet like a member of the family.  But cat health and safety requirements differ vastly from human ones.

So we’ve teamed with some of our must trusted licensed veterinarian associates to either provide the advice you will find here, or oversee our research to ensure you are getting the best information available.

Our team will bring you both conventional products and information as well as alternative and holistic advice for your feline friends.

How we can help

You are here, no doubt, because you need reliable product information or trustworthy advice about caring for your precious pet.  Here are some easy links to help you:

We hope you enjoy and find value in the information we’ve worked so hard to provide here.  If you have any question or suggestions for additional guides please let us know by dropping us a line today!

All my best, Justine